2019-04-24: The JBrowse for epigenetic data is available now.
2019-04-20: The motif analysis tool is available now.
2019-04-15: The GO analysis is available now.
2019-04-08: The SOM analysis tool is available now.
2019-04-05: The SOM search is avaliable now.
2019-02-27: The Epigenetic data search is available now.
2019-02-25: The Chinese Spring Chromatin State Database already online.

About Chinese Spring Chromatin State Database

The genome-wide map of chromatin status has become a representative method for genome annotation and gene activity research. The genome-wide chromatin status map can better display the distribution pattern and chromatin characteristics of chromatin modifications throughout the genome. Annotation and mining of regulatory elements on the genome provide more information for exploring the regulatory mechanism of chromatin structure and genome stability on gene expression. We integrated a variety of epigenomics data sets, used the ChromHMM algorithm to identify the chromatin state map of the whole wheat genome, and used the SOM algorithm to draw the SOM map of different data sets. At the same time, in order to facilitate query and analysis, construct the wheat chromatin state Database(CSCS), which not only integrates wheat chromatin status and SOM map information, but also contains functional analysis tools that combine chromatin characteristics and biological functions to help users discover epigenetic regulatory sites of genes of interest and infer the possible biological function.

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